Make a lasting difference in the fight against human trafficking across our region. For every brick purchased, you are building the very first Higgins Hope safe house in Northern Virginia. Each brick donated will be the foundation and security for each woman who has lost everything including her identity. A home to someone who has not had a safe place to lay her head night after night will give her the start to a new life free to make her own choices regarding career, relationships, even her own body. The home will provide the environment to go from victim to survivor. Your brick donation brings her closer to being the woman she was meant to be.
100% of the proceeds you raise will be used to build a
safe home for victims of sex trafficking and pay for all
their aftercare needs.  Send us pictures or videos of your
party and watch for us to headline your event. 

Victim Response Bag

When a young woman is taken from a trafficking situation
she often has no personal belongings. We supply women
in the street and first responders in our area with Victim
Response Bags filled with the basic essentials survivors
need in order to feel supported as they begin their
journey to restoration.
Our Street Team is on the move making a difference
in communities throughout Northern Virginia,
giving out information, attending fundraisers and
gathering partners that will join us in this battle.
No experience is needed. We will equip you with
the training and support!
There’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth. We live in an exciting time where one social media share can reach thousands of eyes. One voice can make a difference in a child’s life. It can be the difference between stopping human trafficking or looking the other way while our children suffer unimaginable trauma. We encourage anyone looking to get involved to share our cause and events. We want those special people that have the gift of speaking or that want to share there social media talents to become our hope ambassadors. Sign up for more information to get you started today.
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