Higgins Hope is not just a roof over a victim’s head. Our goal is to see each woman exceed in life with independence, joy and confidence. To transform from victim to survivor. This is a process that takes time.
We are committed to providing an individualized comprehensive program for women ages 18-25 who have been victims of sex trafficking in Northern Virginia. We will help those who want to reclaim control of their own lives. Through our program, we will empower each survivor to reach their full potential, regain freedom and independence, and have the opportunity to decide the course of their future.
We will support through education, spiritual enrichment, access to healthcare, a wide variety of therapeutic options, community involvement, and activities to aid in defining their goals and themselves.
We are partnering with local breweries, regional restaurants and pubs to create craft brews exclusively for Higgins Hope. Including fundraising efforts during happy hour. 100% of the funding from these initiatives, will go toward bringing Higgins Hope the house it needs, to provide goods and educational resources to victims. With your support, we can build the healing environment that these girls desperately need.

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